We Have GuixSD (and so PantherX) on DigitalOcean from now!

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Cool :)

Well, the title is misleading.

"In order to Install GuixSD on DigitalOcean, we need a fresh droplet with at least 2GB of memory. In this tutorial we use a Debian 9.7 droplet instance as our starting point, and we are installing GuixSD 1.0.1 on it. using other distributions, you might need to change some parts by yourself."

All in all it's a good writeup of previous work like this (I've done so and never bothered to write it into great length). So, really nice :)
Would be really neat if DO could get GuixSD images at some point.

Cool indeed :)

I just wanted to point out that we call it the Guix System now instead of GuixSD, because there's really only one command that can't be run on a foreign distro, and that's "guix system reconfigure". It would be nice if you could reflect that change in your documentation :)

@roptat sure, thanks for informing me about this change 👍

Can I point you at a shell script in the guix repo which automates a fair amount of it?

I also use it in my Travis-ci builds

The only real 'gotcha' for running it on Debian is you need to su to root and then run 'bash', it doesn't work with Debian's dash.

@efraim It's a useful script, thanks. I wish I found that before 😉

@efraim @ramajd didn't Debian switch to bash as default? I only get dash in Debian when I don't specify the account shell.

Regardless of this, I think it should be portable to support sh (modulo busybox dash) if someone wants to spend some time with it.

I'm pretty sure Debian uses dash by default for /bin/sh, which this shell calls

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