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If you are home on Matrix, join our PantherX group at

Press release: Use of Google Analytics for web analytics

«The Danish Data Protection Agency has looked into the tool Google Analytics, its settings, and the terms under which the tool is provided. On the basis of this review, the Danish Data Protection Agency concludes that the tool cannot, without more, be used lawfully.»

If you have a SEEED reTerminal (Raspberry Compute Module 4) you can now run a preview of PantherX on your device. Display, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi work as expected. Checkout our Wiki for more information:

When we assume the speed of our current interfaces like keyboards, microphones and displays as 1x, how much faster will we be able to realize complex projects, when our brain interfaces with the computer directly (excluding potentially improved memory, processing speed etc.)? Like an engineer designing an engine, or a programmer, developing an application.

Another year, another update: We are getting close

When you’re working on something you enjoy, hours become days, days become weeks and before you realize it, an entire year has passed, and all that you’ve got to show is … well, that’s the big question, isn’t it?

Just out of curiosity, Laptop or PC as main computer?

It's now possible to build Raspberry Pi 4 images on PantherX.

We will be publishing images soonish. If you cannot wait, checkout the announcement and link to repo on our forum: Enjoy the weekend! 😁

Any Qt/GStreamer/Android wizards here? We've been stuck on a compilation issue for some time. Suggestions are more than welcome:

PantherX Beta 6 is fresh out of the oven

Our future beta's will focus more on improving specific features; for ex.:
- Beta 7: Matrix
- Beta 8: Contacts and Calendar
- ...

Stay tuned 👍

PantherX Beta 5 goes live with first preview of time tracking integrations, first preview of Contacts and much improved installer

Announcing the next #Guix Days!

Let's meet for two days in February to talk about Guix and its community! This event is part of a series of events this year that celebrate the tenth anniversary of Guix. More to come :)

We welcome any topic related to Guix, so don't hesitate to submit a talk! You have until February 8 to submit a proposal, but the sooner you submit, the sooner you'll be notified, and the more time you'll have. Don't wait!

#conference #community

If you're interested in the Twisted networking protocol, this is by far the best introduction: You won't even notice that this was written 13! years ago.

A quick search on Google reveals that there's approx. 2,195 commercial bank branches / 100,000 people. Let's just assume, that there's an equal amount of ATM machines.

I wonder what the collective energy usage of millions of bank branches and ATM's, and keeping those ATM's stocked with money, add up to?

Not to talk about the brainpower wasted on misleading customers, manipulation of markets and lobbying politicians to keep their eyes closed...

How does that compare with "crypto"?

Liebes #Fediverse !
Ich möchte meinen ganzen Fotokollegen gerne zeigen, dass das #fediverse eine mögliche Alternative zu den mainstream Diensten darstellt, für Künstler geeignet ist und Bilder es durchaus schaffen von vielen Menschen gesehen zu werden! Helft mir doch dabei und gibt diesem Beitrag einen #boost.

#fotografie #mastoart #support #photography

Do you see any screen tearing / flickering on the latest Linux kernel 5.15.*, on any distribution? You can check your version with `uname -a`. Just curious how many % are affected.

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