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With IPv4's now costing in the range of $40 isn't it time to make the switch?


Wer ein mächtiges Tool für Screenshots sucht, seine Screenshots direkt bearbeiten möchte, dem kann ich »Flameshot« was obendrein noch Open Source ist, nur empfehlen.
Die verbesserte Verpixelung in der aktuellen Version überzeugt jetzt auch.

Gibt es für folgende Distributionen:
Linux, MacOS und Windows.

😀 ✌️

#Flameshot #Screenshot #Tool #OpenSource

I just recently realised, that proprietary social networks are not social networks but entertainment networks. That's why at least my friends have a hard time switching to mastodon or pixelfed. People expect to be highly entertained the first second they enter the network and kept that way all the time. Being confronted with a network that is stripped from all these addictive tools is a massive cultural clash.

Firefox Nightly (90.0.2) is looking more and more like iOS. I don't think I like all those curves ...

PantherX OS Beta 2 is coming in approx. 7 days. Here's a sneak-preview of what to expect

Depending on the region you look at, anywhere from 20-90% of the population has a vitamin D deficiency. Either supplement or get some sunshine!

It's hot and Bassdrive is humming. This probably marks my 13th year on this channel. Perfect for programming. - Friday's are especially great, though there's gems every day, at every hour! There's a live-stream too If you don't enjoy this immediately, sleep on it ... try it again, and you'll be hooked 🤪

It's arguably one of the worst distractions to have Mastodon notifications on your desktop. Luckily I'm not that popular.

Email Protection by DuckDuckGo - Sounds good in theory, but do you really want all your emails to go trough another provider? Who's responsible for deliverability? What if they are running out of funds, and that email stops working? What if someone compromises the service? Why not just use (for ex.) Fastmail, and add an alias, and use the built-in SPAM filter?

Sorry, I don't get it.

Incredibly exciting to get official confirmation that Germany's health service ( has standardised on Matrix for secure decentralised communications, targeting all 150,000 healthcare organisations in Germany(!!!) 🤯 Read all about it at 💉🇩🇪🚀

I'm currently reading a book about Indian tribes in the US around ~ 1800. Returning to programming after two hours, the classes and objects feel like different tribes, shoved into fenced areas, that now have to communicate with one another. What a thought ...

Do we lean towards object oriented programming because we're tribal? (This is not necessarily a valid question).

#Audacity is dead - may I suggest #SoX as an alternative ? It's a command line tool and has all the power that comes with that. I wrote a tutorial series on how to use it a while ago.

Anyone using Leaseweb around here? We've been trying to order a new server with them for 3 days and even though they are available "within the hour"... they are not.

I feel like I'm in the wrong movie...

It’s the end of June and all that’s circling my mind is, that if we push off the release by just one more week, it will be 2032 ...

This gem is from the official Apple website. "Forest Explorer" they call it. Guess where the users come from?

1. USA (148k)
2. Russia (65k)
3. China (50k)
4. Saudi Arabia (38k)

As if this mix was not hilarious enough, there's also virtually 0 users from the rest of the world.

It's almost as thought someone used the wrong data, to show something totally unrelated 📡

It is never too late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot

What we perceive as big bang was a spark to ignite the random number generator of another civilization - our universe. Humans, specifically human brains are more dense iterations of prior random number sources that emerged randomly.

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