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Anyone here used before? "A peer-to-peer stack for code collaboration".

Happy to see that @sir's is now the top search result for "plaintext email"!

(At least on :duckduckgo:. It probably varies more on Google)

(and special shoutout to the graphic by Fosstodon's own @ohyran :) )

Tired of fighting against a bloated word processor when writing your latest report, novel, technical documentation or blog post?

Maybe that's the sign you're ready to consider using a lightweight markup language...

#AsciiDoc #LaTeX #FOP

It just hit me: No GPU-powered rendering in Blender, the best (open source) 3D creation suite on the market - for Mac OS users. It's time to go Linux. It's time to go PantherX. I'm excited for it, like a little kid for Christmas. Go team, make it happen!

If you're looking for a new node backend framework, look no further: - Kudos to Kamil, the brains behind this beast!

Mastodon is getting invaded by spammy, fake accounts. Can't we come-up with a global block-list, which everyone can subscribe to? Not to curb free-speech, but to reduce the amount of porn-girls. I'd say, this would be relatively easy to determine, and agree on.

Distrowatch gives you a pretty good idea, just how fractured open source really is:

Why do all ISPs have to be so fucking bad at their job

"Some communities like to think of themselves as “perfectly tolerant”. This means that they would tolerate people that take actions to make marginalized people uncomfortable. When a community does this, they are actually being intolerant, and enabling abusers."

At last, someone in the FOSS community took the time to state the obvious: bigots are not welcome. Thank you.

Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software?

* Tax savings: Similar applications don't have to be programmed from scratch every time.

* Collaboration: Major projects can share expertise and costs.

* Serving the public: Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone.

* Fostering innovation: With transparent processes, others don't have to reinvent the wheel.

#democracy #democratic #politics #freesoftware

"Wrong turns on the path to success are not failures, they are simply iterations. Both science and art are iterative processes that include wrong turns. And those wrong turns aren't outliers, they are part of that process"

-- Adam Savage

I started a blog :blobcatsurprised:

The first post is about me getting over my irrational fear of makefiles.

A stark contrast: Apple is bound to release a new MacOS on a yearly basis, no matter if longstanding bugs have been fixed, or the OS is ready overall - in most cases, .1, .2, .3 patches bring much needed stability, while engineers are already pushing for a completely new version.

At Panther, we're not tied to investors expectations and share price, so we can take our time: Release when it's ready.

Bear with us, we'll get there!

... and subscribe to our newsletter; we need all the mental support, we can get: I promise, I'll send out the first, soon! That's it ;) - Good night!

Since I'm already here: GNU Guix 1.0.0 is out. A Linux, like no other; Check it out - You Must!:

Thanks to a kind fellow, who (apparently) found what we do, kind of interesting, we've now got traffic flooding in from Hackernews:

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