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I started a blog :blobcatsurprised:

The first post is about me getting over my irrational fear of makefiles.

A stark contrast: Apple is bound to release a new MacOS on a yearly basis, no matter if longstanding bugs have been fixed, or the OS is ready overall - in most cases, .1, .2, .3 patches bring much needed stability, while engineers are already pushing for a completely new version.

At Panther, we're not tied to investors expectations and share price, so we can take our time: Release when it's ready.

Bear with us, we'll get there!

... and subscribe to our newsletter; we need all the mental support, we can get: I promise, I'll send out the first, soon! That's it ;) - Good night!

Since I'm already here: GNU Guix 1.0.0 is out. A Linux, like no other; Check it out - You Must!:

Thanks to a kind fellow, who (apparently) found what we do, kind of interesting, we've now got traffic flooding in from Hackernews:

@horia would you consider offering set-up (and occasional service) for a caesonia install on

If you're in , this is probably worth a look: Meet Guix at FOSDEM

"For the second time, we are also organizing the Guix Days as a FOSDEM fringe event, a two-day Guix workshop where contributors and enthusiasts will meet."

I get irritated when people who use iPhones go around screeching about how they are advocating privacy, digital rights and software freedom.

no, you're participating in an ecosystem that is just as bad. stop trying to preach to the rest of us about morality.

It's official: The lightweight, Qt5 based Linux Desktop LXQt 0.14.0 went live this morning. Congrats to the LXQt team and cheers to everyone's hard work!

So there is this peer to peer, chat system. It has no tracking or ads, it doesnt require any infrastructure to be 100% effective. You can use it with your computer and type to folks, similar to IRC. You can literally run a BBS over it and many actually do.

Its called Ham Radio.
#hamradio #radio #peertopeer #bbs

@bob I wonder why businesses still rely on Windows. I also have to use Windows at work. Image how much time and money could be safed by using Linux instead.

If you care about your users privacy, don't use Intercom.

How male privilege produces such hapless men: The internet abounds with tales of male incompetence. What’s up with all these morons?

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