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It's hardly shocking that #IntegrityInitiative - working with and paying the media including #TheGuardian - claims to be protecting democracy while doing exactly the opposite. Like #microsoft boasting #security while adding back doors

Ever wanted to try a Linux distribution, but don't want to download, install and configure - here's something for you:

I'm so tired of Windows. Unfortunately at work, I'm not able to run Linux on my desktop. I'm thinking seriously about asking for an Apple computer next time, but I'm really torn. I'm NOT a fan of Apple. They annoy me on a visceral level. I can't decide if putting up with Apple is a better path than putting up with Microsoft. Neither is a good option in my mind. Maybe I'm just short tempered today because it's Monday?

The initial version of our Wiki's been live for a couple of days now: - very useful, not only for PantherX but GuixSD

We're live! PantherX is not quite ready for a full-blown forum but Mastodon will do nicely - Welcome!

PantherX Community

PantherX Community