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The Lebanese currency didn't drop 50%, it dropped 50% more than the EUR/USD/RMB. How much did EUR drop? ~10%, 20%, 30%? Good question, when literally every currency is and has been losing value for years, and virtually, at an equal rate. Globalisation - Remember? Few winners, more losers.

Certainly wouldn't mind that..."through the GAIA-X
initiative, [Europe] would set a goal of 50% of government IT spending on open source, on-premises solutions by 2025 and 100% by 2030"

Was nimmt man denn heute zur Haussteuerung? Zigbee oder Z-Wave? Will in einem gemieteten Büro ein paar Sachen automatisieren, kann also nicht wie zu Hause Kabel ziehen. Ganz wichtig wären Heizungsthermostate.

Dachte an Home Assistent zur Steuerung, aber die kuscheln irgendwie immer mehr mit Google. openHAB fand ich nicht so toll. Was gibts sonst für Alternativen?

I'm probably not going to use qutebrowser but I love that it exists: (no, I don't use vim).

@ramajd this is pretty neat. Now imagine federated GitLab!

@sir @grainloom @cagatayy I'm very much a Guix advocate. We're developing an upstream distribution, based on this (still young), but in my opinion, fantastic package manager. That being said, I have to agree with Drew. For the majority, Linux = Ubuntu. Most people don't care about the technical details, or reproducible environments - nobody would be using Windows, or MacOS if that was the case. People want beautiful, no-brainer software, that helps them accomplish stuff without reading a manual.

@scoots this is some nice work! I really like the piercepeggy on your Trello - kind of has that 60s flair.

So I'm in a tough position, my hours got cut at work cause they decided they didn't want to pay out payroll for already scheduled shifts. I'm currently looking for a 3rd job (or replacement for the retail one) but in the meantime I really need some extra work.

I do have a commission queue, but if you have deadlines I can accommodate for it - especially if it's for a Christmas gift. I can fast track those :)

Can anyone recommend a reliable hosting company in the EU, that doesn't block IP's based on US policy? It wouldn't hurt, if the server doesn't take hours to spin-up, and is reasonably fast. I'm familiar with most of the common offerings - any tips, based on actual experience?

@dadosch astonishing. So a Windows/Linux PC is quite literally, going to save you a good amount of money, over the years 😌

@dadosch poor windows users 🤪 I'm curious what you'd get on a Linux PC. 0€?

It just hit me: What Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will never accomplish, Mastodon apparently has.

Segregation at it's finest.

This is what Trumps wettest dreams are made of; on Mastodon, a single person gets to decide, whether, thousands, or even millions, are able to communicate with a certain social or interest group, or even individual - the admin.

Future, here we come!

"Anyone with the power to do so should urgently step in to slow things down and ask some hard questions."

Mozilla's @msurman, on the high stakes of the Public Interest Registry sale. He outlines nine critical questions that need answers: tweeted by @mozilla

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@qcat Freezepeach: "A term used mockingly by those who oppose "Free Speech". Mostly used by SJWs who are against Freedom of Speech and think it should be substantially curtailed. Often has the unintentional side effect of making everybody who does not already agree with them roll their eyes and stop listening."

You certainly made me laugh. Thank you, and have nice day 😉

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@qcat that would certainly be a good approach. Important is, that it's in the hand of the individual, not the platform "provider".

Anyone here used before? "A peer-to-peer stack for code collaboration".

Fossbro address @qcat so, you get to decide, who's a Nazi, and who isn't? But again, welcome to China - simply block, whatever you don't agree with - not for yourself, but for everyone, because that's your opinion.

Or maybe, you simply don't know how to use, the platform you're on. I haven't seen any radical content - in fact, I only see, what I'm interested in, because I decide, who I follow - or not.

Fossbro address @qcat this is how it usually starts. First it's the "Nazi's", then it's the Russians, next it's everyone else, you don't agree with. While you've certainly got a point, this shouldn't necessarily be an admin decision - otherwise we're left searching for instances, that don't block half of the Fedi. This is one of the major reasons, why I don't like Facebook, Twitter, or Google - and why I might not want to live in China - although, it's kind of the same everywhere.

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