I started a blog :blobcatsurprised:

The first post is about me getting over my irrational fear of makefiles. blog.neon.moe/2019/07/06/make.

@schestowitz Sure ~ PIA is US-based. For all we know, they've got a NSL stuck to them, collect all our data, and nobody will ever know about it. 👍

A stark contrast: Apple is bound to release a new MacOS on a yearly basis, no matter if longstanding bugs have been fixed, or the OS is ready overall - in most cases, .1, .2, .3 patches bring much needed stability, while engineers are already pushing for a completely new version.

At Panther, we're not tied to investors expectations and share price, so we can take our time: Release when it's ready.

Bear with us, we'll get there!

@starwall @aCuteLittleBox How would one measure this accurately, unless it's home-grown? I'd imagine the data to vary widely depending on region and approach.

@_emacsomancer @espectalll @grainloom while PantherX won't be tied to our hardware, you'll get a much better experience because we have full control, over every aspect - particularly drivers.

@_emacsomancer @espectalll @grainloom thanks for thinking of us :) Indeed - PantherX is a user-friendly spin of guix, though we're not nearly done and the packages on our website, don't really reflect progress. We're working to fix the Linux Desktop, so this is not only for people, interested in guix. We hope to push an initial release towards the end of the year. Stay tuned!

@starbreaker at some point yes, though that depends on whether we'll find a reliable distributor. In Europe / Middle East and South-East Asia, we've got people on the ground, so everything will be a lot easier - for both us, and everyone that wants to support us :)

... and subscribe to our newsletter; we need all the mental support, we can get: pantherx.org/#subscribe. I promise, I'll send out the first, soon! That's it ;) - Good night!

Since I'm already here: GNU Guix 1.0.0 is out. A Linux, like no other; Check it out - You Must!: gnu.org/software/guix/blog/201

Thanks to a kind fellow, who (apparently) found what we do, kind of interesting, we've now got traffic flooding in from Hackernews: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

@sirgazil@mastodon.social that would be the desired outcome :)

@xj9 @aral user friendly, safest shit? I'm curious either way!

@vfrmedia @albert @ASIC @noorul @aral @chidgey it's called Monopoly. We've all played it, when we were young - It's especially popular among politicians and wealthy people.

@ASIC @aral @noorul In any dictatorship, if a debate is not desired, or opposes the dictators views, it's simply shut-off. I'm sad to find, that even Mastodon, creeps with people, that simply aren't ready to have a debate. Cheers Aral

@aral so instead of hailing a $1200 device as more secure (which by the way, some 25% of the world population cannot afford in a lifetime); we should instead raise awareness of howto better protect yourself; or at least, be more aware what happens with your data - and maybe, not to trust your phone to keep it "safe" for you.

So yeah, maybe for an API, you can create a "thread model"; but with our phones, this is a completely different issue.

@aral spoken like a true politician, with a matching, completely unrelated comparison, that's supposed to conclude the argument.

What threads do we (our phones) face? Physical theft; digital theft? Have you ever considered that over 50% of the world population, live under oppressive governments, that have all resources, to access your phone?

Not to mention that most of these tools, find their way online - so even if I can't access your stuff today, I'll likely tomorrow.

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