@kensanata @fridaysforfutureerfurt Ist das eine Lösung, oder Verzögerung? Davon abgesehen, wie willst du das den 1.4 Milliarden (wachsend!) erklären, die Ihre Kühe heiligen?

@jalcine this is a huge market, with unimaginable profits, and virtually no risk. Google and Facebook are leading, Microsoft is following, and Apple will wake up soon enough (if they haven't already). If the CEO's themselves don't push, the markets will ... there's only so much you can earn with overpriced hardware.

@kensanata watched this last night, after reading your comments. Quite interesting - particularly because it seems like nothing has changed and we still don't know any better.

Tired of fighting against a bloated word processor when writing your latest report, novel, technical documentation or blog post?

Maybe that's the sign you're ready to consider using a lightweight markup language...

#AsciiDoc #LaTeX #FOP

@danarel not to mention, that most i-products automatically route every conversation you have, trough Apple infrastructure. Most people don't even realise they are not sending SMS anymore, but iMessages instead.

This is a very seamless (almost brilliant) experience but also incredibility frightening to me.

@danarel I think we shouldn't fool ourselves, with the level of privacy Apple provides to the individual users.

Sure, Apple is not in the ad business, but they are so far up some people's ***, that it's hard to imagine, this wouldn't change (if it hasn't already).

MacOS is deeply integrated with their proprietary cloud, and so is the iPhone, iWatch, ... We give them our data, location, likes and dislikes - most importantly, share stats about our health.

It's insane.

@chead @danarel @better I think the ultimate goal here, isn't obvious at first sight. Have a look at what Google is planning for Chrome: Their own ad blocker. Of course, most of the existing, open source ad blockers will break during this transition, and will likely be heavily restricted should they decide to migrate.

Why? Full control, over what the user sees (for ex. Google's own ads), and doesn't.

I'm not sure Apple is a much more "ethical" company compared to Google, in that regard.

@chead @danarel @better as in, iOS tech finds it's way onto MacOS and in turn, Apple drops open standards. For ex. OpenGL.

@danarel @better you've got a point there. iOS is arguably more secure than Android but also a lot more restrictive. Though this sometimes works out favourably.

@FLauenroth thanks for your kind words! Sounds like PantherX will be spot-on. Lets aim for Christmas 2020 then 😉

@solene I don't even have a radio. I'm not sure - I guess they work with the artist (or label) directly, and license the music from them. There's definitely a lot of artsy stuff, on there.

@solene yeah, it's not ideal but once you've found some artists you like (that are actually on Bandcamp), it works quite well. They don't do "commercial" music - the stuff that runs on the radio 😌 .

@danarel @better probably too late. Apple (as usually), has started to restrict access to Safari, and thus the ability for blockers to work effectively. Here's one victim: github.com/el1t/uBlock-Safari/ - Same thing Google has been planning for Chrome: Implement an ad-blocker that suits it's own needs while restricting competition.

Apple is a for-profit company, and with declining performance, they will look for other ways, to cash-in on their user base.

@julienxx the AMD GPU kills the Intel U620, no question. It seems, nothin much has happened in the Intel department, in the past ~ 5 years. Two heat pipes would certainly make a huge difference! Thanks for your thoughts on this. I think this might be the one.

@julienxx sounds really good. I was a bit hesitant about the AMD powered version, but they do seem like a much better deal overall. I'll check it out next week - unfortunately it's really hard, to get a look at these in person. There's virtually no shop with Thinkpad's in store so I only get to see and try, if I order.

@pupy wow, what a lengthy response. I wonder what my little brother would think about, reading this, doing school work on his Pi3 "Desktop" 😂

@starbreaker unless you have an unlimited supply of money, at negative interest rates 😂Just imagine ... Ooops. Netflix, Uber, Tesla, Apple, WeWork (well, ex-WeWork), ..

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