@z428 @FLauenroth oh yes, the politics of it all... This is probably the worst aspect but it's never going to change, unless we all get absorbed into the Matrix.

At least those hard-core Windows fanboys only have one thing to promote: Windows.

@z428 @FLauenroth we've developed Qt applications to run on both Windows and Linux. As long as you don't do anything platform-specific, this works pretty well. Then again, we haven't done anything complicated.

@z428 @FLauenroth but that's the next question, particularly if you're not familiar with Linux. Where do you start? Even among the popular distributions, you have different packaging formats and dependencies that are either bleeding edge (Fedora), or from yesteryear (Debian). That's probably a headache too much ...

This is where I see the opportunity for tools like guix - a standardized format, that works on every Linux / Android / .., without the dependency-hell.

@z428 @FLauenroth I see no reason why a developer writing specialized CAD software, shouldn't charge his $1000 a license. I guess the main problem is, that the tools he uses to develop this software, target only one platform.

If the tools he knows were already cross-platform, and there's a standard way to publish on Linux, I don't see why he wouldn't, even if it just expands his user-base by 5% initially.

@z428 @FLauenroth on the other hand, big vendors don't have any interest developing for Linux because the user-base is small, there's no single platform to target, and they might feel that the user's are cheapskates.

Unless something changes drastically, the real opportunity are in cross-platform applications. I hate to admit it, but Visual Studio Code is a great example.

@z428 @FLauenroth you're 100% right, and having what feels like an endless number of Desktops to choose from, doesn't help anyone. On the other hand, we cannot expect most of these people to suddenly work on professional applications like CAD software - they likely aren't interested because as you said it's "highly specialized domain-specific" ... and those that actually need it, don't have the time nor knowledge to develop it.

I guess there's no enough incentive.

@FLauenroth @z428 some people seem to forget, that there's humans sitting at the other end of the line. Interesting! Aren't you Apple? 😂

@FLauenroth @z428 especially Apple! Few people have the illusion that Windows is "secure" but most assume that Mac's and iOS are. This is dangerous.

@FLauenroth @z428 "skilled" is a good one 😉 We're geeks, surrounded by geeks, talking to geeks.

If you step outside of this sphere, you'll find that "skilled" means, that they are able to install Firefox by themselves and their resume lists "Experience with Word and Excel".

@FLauenroth @z428 we often underestimate just how little the average person knows (and cares to know) about the computer.

To go to the internet, they click the 2nd icon from the left. If they click the 3rd icon, their pictures come up. If either icon disappears, it's the end of the world.

Did I catch a virus?

@FLauenroth @z428 one great example is search on the desktop. I myself expect blazing-fast full-text search - but that adds weight - you've got to run some indexing in the background; you need a database; you'll also need a GUI component for easy access... better yet, deep integration with other components like the file explorer.

The majority of users would never figure out how-to set this up; In fact, they might go searching for a distribution that boasts "Desktop search capabilities".


@FLauenroth @z428 well, I guess it greatly depends on the audience they are targeting. If you are assembling a "user friendly" OS, the question is - what should be default, and what should be optional. This is an extremely difficult balance to strike!


@z428 but maybe this is the reason this community exists at all. You can work for Microsoft or Apple, and work on one specific design or direction... or you can join the Linux / open source community, and do whatever you want - and this is usually what ends up happening.


@z428 well, a lot of politics and strong opinions ... but what can I say? We're working on our own Linux distribution. This is probably number 12,379.

You're totally right though; everyone does their own thing, especially in the Ubuntu-camp... Any new "idea" that comes-out, is being renamed and re-written, and suddenly we're working on 5 different window manages, that all accomplish the same thing but with their own set of bugs and issues.


@z428 sad but true. So many people that could / would have never left Windows, are suddenly switching to Chromebooks because they find that everything's in the cloud anyway.


@FLauenroth I suppose people are happy with it, because this is all they know? Windows just feels messy to me... I guess it's a bit of a tick of mine... I like to know exactly what's running and why... This is virtually impossible on any "mainstream" OS.

RE: Your raspi setup: Exactly; Less resources needed, smaller attack surface and significantly less chance o breakage ... Updates are faster too ... It's just superior.

@FLauenroth back in the days some people put together "light" versions of Windows releases. This would save a good chunk of space, given you don't need the related features.

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