Is this really what the web has become? It just makes me want to leave the site, and never come back.

Who cares about web performance when you're stuck on the cookie dialog for 10 seconds. Why can't the browser A) tell the site your preferences, B) enforce your choices as much as technically possible and C) optionally report sites that do not behave

So complicated?

It's arguably one of the worst distractions to have Mastodon notifications on your desktop. Luckily I'm not that popular.

This gem is from the official Apple website. "Forest Explorer" they call it. Guess where the users come from?

1. USA (148k)
2. Russia (65k)
3. China (50k)
4. Saudi Arabia (38k)

As if this mix was not hilarious enough, there's also virtually 0 users from the rest of the world.

It's almost as thought someone used the wrong data, to show something totally unrelated 📡

Wow ... Another down? GitHub, NPM, now Wunderlist? I never really used this software, but it (used) to be incredibly popular!

What gives? Microsoft consolidating power, to better compete with Google? Apple?

We've just lost another. After GitHub has fallen into Microsoft's hands, and deteriorating ever since, GitHub has now purchased npm with that Microsoft monaaay.

Who's winning? Not us. Certainly not the user.

It just hit me: What Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will never accomplish, Mastodon apparently has.

Segregation at it's finest.

This is what Trumps wettest dreams are made of; on Mastodon, a single person gets to decide, whether, thousands, or even millions, are able to communicate with a certain social or interest group, or even individual - the admin.

Future, here we come!

A stark contrast: Apple is bound to release a new MacOS on a yearly basis, no matter if longstanding bugs have been fixed, or the OS is ready overall - in most cases, .1, .2, .3 patches bring much needed stability, while engineers are already pushing for a completely new version.

At Panther, we're not tied to investors expectations and share price, so we can take our time: Release when it's ready.

Bear with us, we'll get there!

Just discovered this - v9999.25; Is it safe to assume, this is stable now?

A quick look at the Desktop: Here we've got the Menu with global search that can dig into PDF's and other documents, Hub with all online accounts and recent messages and of course System - at the top, right - with clear connection information; supporting all modern standards, including special cases such as OpenVPN with stunnel.

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