I promised to share it, so here we go: (v0.10.2) on Android. I use it daily, but it's not 100% yet. We plan to eventually merge all this with upstream. Might take some time. Enjoy!

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@franz cool, can i take a peek at the source code somewhere?

@franz Hm, how do you have 3 libmatrix-client libs in there? That sounds like it would waste some storage :D

@franz (Also you are required to provide the source for this, since GPLv3 and such, but I think that was your goal anyway, so don't mind me)

@deepbluev7 soon. 100%. Not sure how we'll approach it yet. Either we just make it public, or we directly merge into Nheko - after which we'll probably discard this fork. TBD.

@franz Ah, I see, one of the "libraries" seems to be Nheko, at least looking at the symbols. Certainly fun digging through it :D

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