Mullvad is probably the most popular, most recommended, most easy to use VPN provider. How naive is it to assume that it's not a government-run (CIA?) honeypot?

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@franz One cannot deny anything ... either you run your own VPN on a VPS or well basically don't use anything. At least they (mullvad) do not ask for anything personal for account creation and payments (cash or crypto).

@oros I've considered this many times but a personal VPN usually implies a static IP used by one person. Assuming Mullvad is not compromised, at least I'll be sharing this IP with thousands of others. Am I missing something?

@franz it depends on the work model you are looking for. What use to you would a VPN serve?

@oros well, I certainly don't want my local ISP to track me, because they are probably compromised regularly. Neither would I want to hit the internet from the same IP every day because that's just too easy.

Mullvad fit's the bill nicely unless it's compromised, in which case it's just as good, as using my ISP connection without VPN.

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