We've got some exciting releases scheduled for early November:

1. Our long awaited GUI installer is almost ready. A few final tweaks; maybe 2 weeks+.
2. on mobile: We've ported this high-performance client to work on and . It also integrates nicely with accounts on PantherX OS Desktop.

Stay tuned.

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@franz Do you have a repo with your #nheko fork? I’d like to take a look at what you changed for iOS and android. Or perhaps you guys can make a PR when you’re ready? That’s exciting!

@redsky17 with pleasure, give us 1-2 weeks to clean-up a little (for ex. externalize our accounts integration), then we'll publish everything.

As for the PR: The library mtxclient is similar, but we had to re-write the client and replace some parts to work on mobile. It makes sense to merge this eventually, but I'm not sure how significant the effort would be.

@franz thanks! I look forward to it. Maybe @deepbluev7 and I will get some ideas on archetectural changes that need to be made to properly support iOS and android

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