@dch @ScientistRebellion let's call it a war. We're most innovative, when we're at war. Why? Because we all focus on a common goal - defending ourselves against the enemy.

So let's count-up all these hours, which are probably in the billions, and instead of designing ads, and having long discussions and meetings, and hoping for things that aren't going to happen anyway ...

and instead focus on what we do best: INNOVATE.

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@dch @ScientistRebellion ~50 years after we learned how-to fly, we went to the moon. Why? Because the soviets threatened to go first.

How can we replicate that?

I don't doubt for a second, that we could come-up with a better idea than the electric car, and neither do I doubt, that we can develop energy sources that provide infinitely more, than all we have now, combined.

@franz @dch afraid that's where we part ways: we do not have 'to believe' some magic technology developed by some genius individuals will arrive and save us, as we do actually have all of the science we need already -not a belief but a proven fact.

However yes, the point remains that if we fail to stand together and manage what we have properly, we will fail again despite whatever technology will ever be discovered -as we would always come back to this pitfall loop.

@ScientistRebellion @dch yes, I think we better.

I will let you continue to dream of the future, where corporations, billionaires and politicians walk hand-in-hand with us, to solve this problem.

Don't get me wrong, I very much wish so - but that's unrealistic. All I can see is that a bunch of people miss school, which will ultimately hurt education, and thus our chances as society to survive.

@franz @dch and here again: there are limits, we are in this situation because we failed to acknowledge them when they where clearly pointed out by 'innovators' back then, we already have all of the technology we need to live well without self-destroying. Believe some innovation will come and avoid us to take efforts and use what we already have for the best is naive and ultimately dangerous.
On the war point: how do you unite when the enemy is your own way of managing things?

@ScientistRebellion @dch we already have all the technologies we need? That's what people said in the 1900s, in the 1800s - probably even 2000 years ago.

Population is set to grow, temperature is going to change, and there's a good chance that one of the asteroids that we miss, is going to wipe us out.

If we don't want to die, we have to innovate. There's plenty of resources to have another 100 billion of us - question is, do we have the capabilities to access them, without self-destruction?

@ScientistRebellion @dch on the war point: That's exactly the question. Maybe it was a terrible analogy, but we've proven that we can go 5000 years without innovation, and in less than a human-life, from exotic theory, to atomic bomb.

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