The 1.5°C climate goal will be breached within 10 years or so. Leading climate scientists overwhelmingly believe there is no way back.

‼️ If you’re an academic and this frightens you, sign our letter to experts working on climate:

The public needs to hear from trusted experts that they are not only being failed but also deceived. Promises of ‘net zero by 2050’ will not avert catastrophe.

How can governments be held to account if citizens don’t know?

While the public does not know, world-leading climate scientists most certainly do.

96% of surveyed IPCC authors believe we will far exceed 1.5°C of warming.

The IPCC’s most optimistic scenario for staying below 1.5°C involves vast amounts of carbon being removed from the atmosphere to drag temperatures back down.

None of these technologies work at scale today. It is a gamble of epic proportions.

@franz and we can go even further back in time with oxygen isotopes (~60mya), though they only are a proxy for ancient climate, thus just useful to keep record of past temperature without accounting for the sources of energy forcing present in the atmosphere and namely GreenHouseGasses: yet we can already see how our species only lived once in similar conditions to today and confirmed temperature raising at date are greater than we ever experienced -without taking tipping points into account...

@franz are you replying to our comments without even reading through the resources?
Sorry but this doesn't seem to be a constructive discussion carried out this way...

@ScientistRebellion you send me a familiar graphic. How long should I look at it, before commenting, to give the impression that I read "through the resources".

and again, there's no question that we're excessively polluting the planet, but I'm trying to understand how you're planning to "stop climate change"?

@franz "we" do not plan to "stop climate change", at this point it's not even about 'stopping' it but rather 'mitigating' it from getting worse and eventually adapt to these changes. Besides, what is the "point" you mentioned earlier?


@ScientistRebellion I'm glad you make that distinction. Believe it or not, most people want to stop climate change.

I'm also not sure what "getting worse" means, because according to your graphic, we've had hotter and colder periods, even in our short existence as a species.

So you're specifically referring to drastically reducing pollution, which brings me back to my original point:

In your opinion, what's the best way to achieve this?

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