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We all know it! The scientists are screaming it! Emissions from aviation are a significant contributor to the climate crisis. Join those of us calling out the dangerous greenwashing practices of airlines, airports and their advertising agencies #BanFossilAds and #BanFlightAds

@franz In 2018 it accounted for 2.5% of global CO2 emissions globally alone, which is enough to say "significant" due to it being a single element inside of the broader transportation sector. [Source: Global Carbon Project. (2019). Supplemental data of Global Carbon Budget 2019 (Version 1.0) [Data set]. Global Carbon Project. doi.org/10.18160/gcp-2019.]
However, the contribution of flying on climate change is very complex, in the sense it may account for even greater impact ourworldindata.org/co2-emissio

@ScientistRebellion so wouldn't it be more helpful to point out alternatives that you consider to be a less "significant contributor", instead of blaming Lufthansa, which just respond to demand?

The data you linked to goes back approx. 200+ years. Do you have any other data about how our "climate" changed over the past 500, 5000, or 50,000 years or is this not relevant / applicable?

@franz First, we do not blame anyone, we point out responsibilities.

Secondly, our current economic models do not 'just respond to demand', it is actually based (no plot: just clearly written guidelines) on the creation of demand by consumers in order to offer a surplus of products.

Third, as airplanes didn't existed back than a century or so ago, the data pointed here isn't about it.

Finally: yes, there is the most comprehensive scientific review on climate change (IPCC) on how it did so.


@ScientistRebellion so let's assume I'm developing a new kind of plastic (let's just call it that for the sake), which doesn't have any of the problems, lasts longer, and costs half as much?

Now I can go and seek investment for the product, scale it up, and sell it on the open market place.

The new product should naturally replace old plastics, as stocks run out. No?

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