Do you see any screen tearing / flickering on the latest Linux kernel 5.15.*, on any distribution? You can check your version with `uname -a`. Just curious how many % are affected.

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@franz I faced screen flicker on 5.4.40 upwards in kubuntu. Now on Mx Linux 5.10 no issues.

@oros a totally different perspective! Thanks for your input. Is this on an Intel chip by any chance?

@franz Yeap! You guessed correctly. I5 10210u. I've been following some bug tracking reported issues. It has not been fully resolved. Some regression issue I think. The flickering happens on the external connected via dP screen from a laptop and caused some FIFO A B issues.

@oros I have these issues both on my laptop and the attached HDMI screen (Intel 8th Gen.). The problem seems more pronounced on the external screen though. I might try switching to 5.10 once it starts bothering me.

@franz do you use modesetting ddx driver or intel driver? Do you experience tearing on both? You can check in Xorg/Wayland logs.

@kmicu I'm using the Intel driver (i915). I haven't tried anything yet. It really isn't that bad.

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