Email Protection by DuckDuckGo - Sounds good in theory, but do you really want all your emails to go trough another provider? Who's responsible for deliverability? What if they are running out of funds, and that email stops working? What if someone compromises the service? Why not just use (for ex.) Fastmail, and add an alias, and use the built-in SPAM filter?

Sorry, I don't get it.

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I believe it's a reaction to Apple who provide the same service and people jumped on it as a "awesome privacy tool". It doesn't make sense. It's kinda like the "privacy" by sending your traffic through yet another vpn provider. Like they protect you from all the other vendors by spying on you exclusively. These consumers don't understand that picking who can spy on you is not "privacy". E2E encryption is.

@chebra how's the service literally called "Sign in with Apple"? They ran out of ideas?

I suppose if you have already given your entire life to a company run by people looking to make a huge profit, with margins that make most other organizations jealous, you may as well use that forwarding service, since those messages end-up in your iTrash anyway.

So there's indeed a small privacy benefit, if you close your eyes and stop thinking for yourself 😌

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