Ich hab mal bei Booking.com für das gleiche Hotel mit unterschiedlichen User agents/Browsern gesucht (jeweils natürlich die Cookies gelöscht) In Klammern, in welcher Reihenfolge sie aufgerufen wurden:

(3) macos 322,15€
(4) ipad 354,01
(6) iphone 296,38€

(1) android tablet Samsung firefox 319€

(2) windows firefox/edge 269,70€
(5) tor browser 322€


@dadosch poor windows users 🤪 I'm curious what you'd get on a Linux PC. 0€?

@franz 269,70€ (checked just now, price with Windows user agent still the same)

@dadosch astonishing. So a Windows/Linux PC is quite literally, going to save you a good amount of money, over the years 😌

@dadosch @franz lol okay so this is it ordered by price:

ipad 354,01
macos 322,15€
tor browser 322€
android tablet Samsung firefox 319€
windows firefox/edge 269,70€
Linux firefox/edge 269,70€
iphone 296,38€

Tor Browser uses Windows or so as an UA, but it likely uses a high price just in case, because no tracking data etc.
Apple high obviously, Samsung too.

@dadosch @franz

Quite fun that the iphone is so cheap! Actually, the iphone would have been the cheapest.
Strange, very strange. I cannot really figure out their system.

@rugk @franz Windows& Linux is actually the cheapest (269 vs 296 € @ iPhone)

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