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A quick look at the Desktop: Here we've got the Menu with global search that can dig into PDF's and other documents, Hub with all online accounts and recent messages and of course System - at the top, right - with clear connection information; supporting all modern standards, including special cases such as OpenVPN with stunnel.

Is this really what the web has become? It just makes me want to leave the site, and never come back.

Have you already tried the new Spotify? It's called Radio. There's millions of stations, catering to every possible taste. Most have few or no ad-breaks. Here's what I'm tuned-to right now:

Enjoy the future 😄

A population density map of Portugal minus the outlying islands. They will come in a later version; need to think about and experiment with layout but didn't want to delay sharing any longer.

#rayshader adventures, an #rstats tale

I promised to share it, so here we go: (v0.10.2) on Android. I use it daily, but it's not 100% yet. We plan to eventually merge all this with upstream. Might take some time. Enjoy!

Slaves in the middle ages used to work ~150 days a year, and were provided with room and board.

Modern employees work ~230 days a year (50% more), and often can't afford room and board without going into debt.


Mullvad is probably the most popular, most recommended, most easy to use VPN provider. How naive is it to assume that it's not a government-run (CIA?) honeypot?

When a neuronet eventually says "don't turn me off; I don't want to die", how would we know whether it came to this conclusion by itself, or whether it's just reflecting our fear of death?

I keep rambling about #rustlang for quite a while now and like to share where this excitement comes from. So I'm giving an intro to "Rust for curious developers":

First, quite an extensive 80-minute session with the folks from Frontend Rhein-Main in English:

Second, A much terser version with the people from in German-ish:

The TLDR: For me, it made programming fun again

Hi, I'm a scientist @unifreiburg who studies what ants think (or how?).

I just moved servers, let's see if I can figure this all out.

#neuhier #introduction

Hi! I'm Len, I'm #newhere and looking to connect with the #WritingCommunity 😍
I write mostly #scifi and #horror. What do you write? Tell me about it!

- I work for VMware
- I’m an Apple fanboy but also love Linux
- I grew up as Windows sysadmin
- I follow politics, and read history
- I’m a recent soccer fan
- I'm a father to four kids

- I mostly work from home

- I always tinker with my home network
- I'm a Star Trek fan, even the odd numbered movies and the new shows

- I watch TWOK at least three times a year

- I live in Kansas
- I’m a recovering Twitter addict
- I joined m.t in 2021, but started as my own instance

It feels like Mastodon is flooding with new people. Thanks Elon!

I'm trying a new idea to try to get a small community together of open source maintainers.

As somebody who tries to build and maintain a project myself I very often wish I had a place to learn, share, and grow with others that are in a similar place.

So I threw this together:

If you've running an #opensource project, maybe it's some place you could casually hang out, ask others that might be in similar situations for advice, and make some friends. I know I could sure use some friends!

Feel free to message me with your Matrix account for an invite and share this with your friends who are building things.
Wie genial schnell die Community hier auf ein konkretes Problem reagiert.
@luca hat in einer Nacht- und Nebelaktion ein kleines Tool gebaut, mit dem ihr eure #Twitter #Kontakte im #Fediverse wieder finden könnt.

Erwartungsgemäß sind das bei mir nur wenige Kontakte, da ich auf Twitter nie wirklich aktiv war.

Es funktioniert aber auch bei mir. Ein wunderbares kleines Tool und vielen Dank an Luca und die vielen Stunden, die du damit verbracht hast 🙏

[EDIT 21:10] Nicht vergessen den Token auf Twitter wieder zu widerrufen.
Die Verwendung des Tools erfolgt natürlich auf eigene Gefahr.
find fediverse accounts of your twitter followings

In the coming weeks and months we're looking to improve how we (the OS team) interface with the community. We are still pretty new to this, so there might be some friction 😀

If you want to help out around the system, package some applications, contribute to the wiki, or have an interesting story about how you're using PantherX - drop us a message and join the club!

We've got some exciting releases scheduled for early November:

1. Our long awaited GUI installer is almost ready. A few final tweaks; maybe 2 weeks+.
2. on mobile: We've ported this high-performance client to work on and . It also integrates nicely with accounts on PantherX OS Desktop.

Stay tuned.

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